EB 490 Professional over-row

BINGER Leaf Remover EB490 Professional

Standard equipment

  • Two EB 490 Professional defoliator heads, defoliating height: 490 mm

  • Hydraulic lateral offset on the over-row side

  • Hydraulic lateral offset toward inside

  • Parallelogram function with breakback protection on the over-row side

  • HD6 foot (800 mm stroke)

  • Mounting on the ERO tractor bracket


  • Foliage wall sensing

  • Brake cylinder for foliage wall sensing

  • Dismount frame for Binger EB 490 Professional defoliator, over-row

  • Pre-pruner (pair) for partial pruning of lateral shoots for the best defoliation results.

  • Suitable for transport by pallet truck or forklift truck

  • Comfort control or reversing valves

All defoliators can also be equipped with the EB 350 Professional defoliator head (350 mm defoliating height).