ELITE over-the-row double-sided Profi Line

The ELITE Profi Line offers optimal visual overview during work and on public roads. Thanks to the standard comfort control, operation of the many adjustment features only requires a single-acting control device with a pressure-free return on the tractor. The height and tilting angle as well as lateral offset of the cutting units can be adjusted independently. This allows trouble-free trimming on terraced vineyards. The lift frames are then positioned close to the foliage wall. The rugged design is highly suitable for processing wide rows and large-scale vineyards.

Standard equipment

  • Available trimming lengths:
    • Standard features: 1.65 m
    • 1.55 m

  • Trimming width 15 – 85 cm

  • Stainless steel air-suction turbo blades with nonstick coating (wire rejection feature)

  • Comfort control with a joystick for operating all six double-acting functions, which can also be actuated in combination

  • Hydraulic lateral offset 40 cm per side

  • Trimming angle adjustment for vertical cutter beams

  • Breakback protection for horizontal and vertical cutter beams with gas spring and self-actuated retraction

  • Standard belt pulley cover

  • Two double-acting lift frames, 800 mm, with cylinders inside the frames

  • Base plate for holding two lift frames with independent hydraulic tilting
    (tractor bracket must be ordered separately)

  • Precise adjustment options allow lift frame and support to be adjusted without play

  • Fast and easy mounting by inserting the attachment and automatic centering of bores

  • Easy maneuvering when leaving short rows

  • Dismount stand with hydraulic lifting

ERO Trimmer ELITE Profi Line

Optional features

  • Extension trimming length to 1.85 m or 1.95 m

  • Retraction trimming length to 1.32 m

  • Hydraulic trimming width adjustment, 70 cm

  • Hydraulic trimming height adjustment of horizontal blades by 40 cm

  • Deflector plates for horizontal and vertical cutter beams

  • 1100 hydraulic frame with 800 mm stroke

  • Skirting blade with one or two blades (over-row, two-sided) with hydraulic motor, manually adjustable by 45°

  • Shoot lifter