ERO Trimmer Modul Line over-the-row one-sided

ERO Trimmer Modul Line

The ERO Modul Line Trimmer sets itself apart thanks to outstanding work results, ease of operation and rapid mounting.

How you benefit

  • An unrivaled range of adjustment options and models allowing optimal adaptation to foliage wall and specific types of vine training

  • Stainless steel turbo blades:

    • Special high-grade blade steel prevents residue buildup on cutting surfaces (nonstick coating effect)
    • The surface quality of the blades is maintained for the blades’ entire service life (without coating)
    • The rounded cutting edge creates a pulling cut.
    • The blade shape prevents the wire from being wound up or cut due to driving errors.
    • No cutting residue accumulates in the foliage wall thanks to the suction effect of the blades. Even the small shoot tips and leaves are processed.
    • In addition, the risk of damaging the grape zone while steering the tractor or in case of uneven terrain is minimized.
    • Low wear

  • A wide range of adjustment options

  • Outstanding work results and simple, intuitive operation

  • High travel speeds possible

Rapid and simple mounting.

Easy setting configuration.

Z linkage


Adjustable breakback protection with self-actuated retraction in both driving directions.

Top cutter

for preliminary shoot trimming.

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